The growth of Islamic banking in Indonesia is quite high, average 35 percent per year, more than the growth of conventional banking, which only reached 15 percent per year, so it is indicated the growth saving and loan with sharia concept. Currently, the number of Islamic banks (BUS & UUS) amounted to 34 banks, BPR Syariah amounted to 158 banks and KSP Syariah/BMT number reached 4,000 institutions, which is insufficient to serve Muslims in Indonesia, which accounted for 88% of 255 million people.


In order to meet the demand and supply for a loan and saving in the bank with sharia concept. MICRA Indonesia ready to help individuals, institutions, and companies to launch and constructed to establish BPR Sharia and Cooperative Islamic KSP/ BMT across the country. With our experienced, MICRA Indonesia support from several specialists who have experienced more than 20 years in banking and microfinance sharia, God willing MICRA will continue to provide the best service.