FINANCIAL LITERACY- Training of Trainers

MICRA developed a program in 2008 that focuses on training in financial analysis topics like shariah based financing and adopting a modified CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) module. The training is typically over three days with a maximum of 15 attendees. The participants are equipped with a thorough understanding of concepts and participate in a simulation at the end of the course.  

We have delivered this program to a range of beneficiaries by tailoring the modules to address their specific requirements, varying from migrant workers, factory workers, micro-entrepreneurs to housewives, etc.

HERFinance- Financial Literacy Project For Factory Workers In Indonesia

In 2014 MICRA became a partner to Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) acting as the implementer for HERfinance program in Indonesia. HERfinance aims at empowering low-income workers in developing countries by promoting gender equality through workplace programs focusing on health, economic empowerment, professional development, and women’s rights.

The program seeks to show the importance of financial management and assist the factory worker’s in managing their household income and spending. It has proven to create a large impact on the worker’s financial behavior and performance in the workplace.

ER-INDONESIA- Economy Resilience for Indonesia Program

MICRA develops a program in 2020 named Economy Resilience for Indonesia Program (ER-Indonesia) that is a sustainable disaster mitigation program through increasing economic resilience from each of the institutions involved.  The background of the program was formed based on the results of the 2013 Indonesian disaster risk index (IRBI) published by BNPB, from a total of 497 districts/cities, there were 388 districts/cities with high risks, while 109 districts/cities with moderate risks, and there are more than 204 million citizens living in disaster-prone areas. The program aims to build economic resilience for Indonesia to face disasters with 3 (three) main focuses, Protection, Funding, and Technology.