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Kick-off Meeting of HERfinance project at PT Gaya Indah Kharisma

On August 2022, MICRA Indonesia conducted a kick-off meeting with Columbia Sportswear and PT Gaya Indah Kharisma to share details of the HERfinance program. The benefits of the program, its impact on the work processes, and support needed for the successful program execution were part of the points discussed during the meetings.

The meeting started with Welcome and Opening Remarks from the management of Columbia Sportswear and PT Gaya Indah Kharisma and continued with introductions of the HERfinance program from MICRA Indonesia. It is then followed by discussions on the training implementations.

The objective of the kick-off meeting is to provide detailed information and increase factory management's understanding of the program, and support needed for training. This kick-off meeting is important for MICRA Indonesia to make sure that everyone involved in the program is on the same page and off to a great start.

The last agenda of the kick-off meeting was a factory tour in which MICRA Indonesia has a chance to observe the workers and the workplace system.


MICRA Indonesia is a partner of Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) for the implementation of the HERfinance program in Indonesia. HERfinance is a part of the global HERproject chains, which aims to empower low-income women workers in developing countries to contribute to economic growth and gender equality through workplace programs promoting health, economic empowerment, professional development, and women’s rights. For more information about the HERfinance program click here


Photo by: PT Gaya Indah Kharisma


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