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Stadium General of the StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 in Medan, Lebak, Ciamis & Tasikmalaya

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

On March 7 – 11, 2023, MICRA Indonesia, together with Asia Affinity Holdings, conducted the Stadium General StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 in 4 cities/regencies, namely: Medan, Lebak, Ciamis, and Tasikmalaya. Stadium General is the opening ceremony of the StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 which consists of a workshop and aptitude test for students from schools/campuses partners.

The program is opened with remarks by the school’s representatives and by the Executive Director of MICRA Indonesia, Mr. M. Alfi Syahrin. This is then followed by a workshop by the Chairman & CEO of Asia Affinity, Mr. Graham Clark titled, “Entrepreneurial skills to help meet life’s challenges.” which peaked the participation of the students through the Q&A segment.

“It is really encouraging to see that the future of entrepreneurship is bright in Indonesia,” said Mr. Clark referring to the students who attended the program. “These young people are very enthusiastic about learning especially with their mindful approach to finances and how to grow it. What’s more, their creativity is very much highlighted by their digital savviness which is very exciting to witness."

An aptitude test was taken by the students to help them determine their talents and interests and will also help the organizers determine the best training that each student needs for the duration of the Studentpreneur program. The event was concluded with the Certificate of Appreciation awarded to the school’s principal or representative for their support of the implementation of the StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 program.

MICRA Indonesia initiated the StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 program to support the creation of student entrepreneurs in the new era. This program is in response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demographic bonuses, and Merdeka Belajar (Freedom of Learning) as one of the policies of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research, and Technology of Indonesia. Studentpreneur Bootcamp 5.0 is expected to provide good ecosystem support for the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit of students to face the challenges of adaptive Indonesian youth in the future.

Medan – High Schools & Vocational High Schools

Held on March 7, 2023, at SMKN 14 Medan, the event was attended by 200 students, school principals, and teachers from 15 High Schools and Vocational High Schools in Medan and Deli Serdang. The schools that participated in Medan are: SMKN 14 Medan, SMKN 1 Medan, SMKN 4 Medan, SMKN 1 Percut Sei Tuan, SMKS PAB 8 Sampali, SMAS Alwasliyah Hamparan Perak, SMAS Budi Agung Medan, SMK Yapim Taruna Marelan, SMKS Panca Budi Medan, SMK Kesehatan Haji Sumut, SMKS Bdi Agung Medan, SMKS Pangeran Antarasari Labuhan Deli, SMKS YWKA Medan, SMK Tritech Indonesia, and SMK REIS Cendikia Medan.

The event in Medan received good enthusiasm and appreciation from the students, principals, and teachers from all schools. The school and MICRA Indonesia have similar hopes that, through this program, students will have sparked interest in becoming young entrepreneurs.

Lebak – La Tansa Mashiro University

La Tansa Mashiro University, Lebak, Banten is the venue of the second Stadium General of the Studentpreneur Bootcamp 5.0 that was held on March 9th. The event was attended by 250 students from all faculties, as well as lecturers, and academics of La Tansa Mashiro University.

The event started with a performance from FALM’s band followed by the reading of holy verses of Quran and the singing of Indonesia’s national anthem, Indonesia Raya. The Rector of La Tansa Mashiro University, Dr. KH. Sholeh Rosyad, S.Ag., M.M., and Executive Director MICRA Indonesia M. Alfi Syahrin did the opening remarks for the event. It was then followed by a workshop led by Mr. Graham Clark.

During statement remarks, the Rector of La Tansa Mashiro University Dr. KH. Sholeh Rosyad, S.Ag., M.M, said, “I’m very happy that La Tansa Mashiro University is one of the campuses that is part of the StudentPreneur Program and we had the opportunity to listen to a workshop by Graham Clark as a model of an international entrepreneur”.

Furthermore, MICRA Indonesia, Asia Affinity, and La Tansa Mashiro University signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement to implement the StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 program at La Tansa Mashiro University. The event continued with the “Find Your Passion” Talkshow with Sarma Edi where he talked as a Convection Entrepreneur and Mayomi Hakim as a Young Motivator.

Ciamis – Darussalam Islamic Institute of Ciamis (IAID Ciamis)

The 3rd Stadium General of StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 was held on March 10, 2023 at Darussalam Islamic Institute (IAID), Ciamis, West Java. The event was attended by 200 students, as well as lecturers, and academics of IAID Ciamis.

Opened by the Chancellor of IAID Ciamis Mrs. Dr. Hj. N. Hani Herlina, S.Ag., M.Pd.I, the entire event went smoothly and was received enthusiastically by the students and administrators of the school. Through the Question and Answer segment of the workshop by Mr. Clark, students got to express their thoughts about learning skills to be an entrepreneur.

Tasikmalaya – Idrisiyyah School of Islamic Studies (STAI Idrisiyyah)

The last leg of the Stadium General of StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 was held on March 11, 2023, at Idrisiyyah School of Islamic Studies (STAI Idrisiyyah), Tasikmalaya, West Java. The event was attended by 150 students, as well as lecturers, and academics of STAI Idrisiyyah.

The CEO of Al-Idrisiyyah Foundation, Dr. Ir. Irfan Budiono, MM opened the event with great enthusiasm with his remarks. All throughout the program, the students were very participative, especially during the workshop by Mr. Clark. For the students and school administrators, the global insights that Mr. Clark has were very inspiring and relevant, especially in this age. The students were able to ask questions to Mr. Clark which showed their engagement and willingness to learn more about entrepreneurship.

Overall, the event had been a lively opportunity for MICRA Indonesia and Asia Affinity to meet future entrepreneurs in different regions in Indonesia. With the four venues reached, more than 800 students participated and were supported by school administrators. The aptitude test taken by all students also became a good way for students to determine their interests that will, hopefully, assist them in pursuing their entrepreneurial spirit.


MICRA Indonesia is a partner of Asia Affinity Holding Limited for the implementation of the Economic Resilience (ER) Indonesia program. The ER Indonesia program is a sustainable disaster mitigation initiative program aiming at increasing the economic resilience of every institution involved. For more information about ER Indonesia program click here or email us at

Photo by: Julia Fatimah


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