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Trainings of StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 in North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Banten, and West Java

Following the success of the Stadium General last year, the StudentPreneur Bootcamp's next agenda is to focus on three main themes: 1) Basics of Entrepreneurship training; 2) Training based on passion; and 3) Business mentoring.

First Offline Training – Basics of Entrepreneurship

The first training session aimed for the participants to grow their soft-skills and gain positive insights about business and entrepreneurship. The session used materials provided by Moh. Faishol Khusni (Master Trainer in MICRA) and Asep Sudrajat (Loan & Investment Manager in MICRA). And included business simulations enjoyed by participants through games formats.

Padang also became one of the location of the StudentPreneur Bootcamp where the basics of entrepreneurship training was conducted with the support of the Governor of West Sumatera, Mr. H. Mahyeldi Ansharullah S.P., and the Head of BAPPEDA of West Sumatera Province, Mr. Medi Iswandi S.T., M.M..

In West Sumatera Province, the Head of Cooperatives and MSMEs Office of West Sumatera Province, Mr. Dr. H. Endrizal S.E., M.Si., was present to deliver materials on entrepreneurship and government support for MSMEs. Moreover, Moh. Faishol Khusni and Novi Rismanto (Master Trainer in MICRA) provided participants with: 1) describing basic characteristics of entrepreneurship; 2) developing business plan systematically; 3) actualizing entrepreneurial concept in business management; and 4) encouraging creative and/or innovative business ideas.

Second Offline Training – Business Management & Strategies

The second part of the training focused on topics of pricing methods, business organization management, marketing management & digital marketing, as well as strategies for obtaining & managing capital. In this training, M. Alfi Syahrin (Master Trainer and Director Executive in MICRA) and Asep Sudrajat shared relevant current business conditions which encouraged participants to share their thoughts. Participants were also encouraged to think creatively and find solutions from the examples of case studies given during the training.

Training Online Based on Passion

The entrepreneurship training was also conducted online through Zoom Meetings with the core focus on training participants related to their passion. Through the aptitude test they previously took before the training, the participants were grouped by two categories based on their business passion: 1) service business; and 2) production business. The online training was guided by Master Trainers who have great wealth of experience in either of the categories. The Master Trainers of the production business group were Diba Tiara Dinatama and Aini Nurjannah, who are pastry and dim sum entrepreneurs. The services business group's Master Trainer was Gatot Syafdiono -- a shipping expedition entrepreneur. The content was delivered in term of techniques, mechanisms, and business tips & tricks in the sector of services and/ or production.

Business Mentoring

Furthermore, participants received mentoring or consultation on the business they want to create. The consultation is also conducted online with the time determined by the mentor and the time availability of the participants. This mentoring was conducted three times in November, December, and January.

Third Offline Training - Success Story

The final leg of the training was by Muhammad Arya Agung, founder and owner of MODO Coffeeshop, and Yosephine Natalitha, owner & CEO of Sablon Medan.

They shared their success story with experiences and process that they went through from starting a business, looking for a business that suits with their passion, and also successfully employing people for their business. The participants were highly motivated by the experience that the speaker shared, evident from the enthusiasm of the participants in discussing and asking questions related to the business.

The second batch of the StudentPreneur Bootcamp 5.0 will continue this year with more exciting themes and speakers to share their knowledge on entrepreneurship and beyond.


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Photo by: Julia Fatimah, Regita Maffida, Bahtiar Rifa'i, and Muhammad Hanafi



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