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Motivation Training for the Juragan of SERU, Unilever Indonesia

On February 13, 2020, Unilever Indonesia held gathering for Juragan (distributor) of SERU ice cream namely JUARA that stands for Juragan Apresiasi Resolusi Gathering 2019 at Hotel Park Regis Arion, Kemang. On this occasion, Unilever Indonesia appointed MICRA to conduct motivation training for the Juragan of SERU. The event was started at 9.30 WIB, for the motivation training itself was started at 10.30 WIB and finished at 12.00 WIB. The training was attended by 125 participants with 111 of them are the Juragans of SERU, with Mr. M. Faishol Khusni as the trainer and Andi Cintana Nurmilad as co-facilitator.

The highlight of the motivation training was about “Turn On the Switch of Success”. The objective of the training was to change the Juragan mindset of success, increasing Juragan awareness regarding the sales targets set by SERU Unilever and increase Juragan motivation to achieve sales targets. The training was delivered with methods of brainstorming, games and reflective practice.

The training was started with trainer asked participants to turn on or change their mindset of success, then the trainer asked participants to rate themselves by filling the rontgen diri form (index of happiness, confidence, self-ability, and passion) from 10 to 100 according to themselves. This activity is to enlighten the participant's mindset of success. Furthermore, the trainer asked 2 participants to present their rontgen diri form in front other participants.

The trainer also invites participants to think or reflect on their life, happiness, and success. This learning process was carried out the trainer by asking 3 children from NaraKreatif about their meaning of happiness and success. These 3 children from NaraKreatif share their stories about their family background, their dreams, and their hope for their parents. The trainer also shares the success story of children from low-income and single-parent families that can be a success. Furthermore, the trainer invites participants to reflect on their lives to those 3 children's conditions, and those success stories, and enlighten them that there are no reasons not to succeed.

Juragan were also invited to play a ball game. The trainer asked some of the Juragans to come front and join the game. They were asked to throw a ball without specific instruction and direction, then asked them again to throw a ball with clear instruction. After that, the trainer asked them the different results of their throw. The trainer then explains that the indicators of achievement must be clear and measurable in order to be able to be achieved. Furthermore, the trainer asked the Juragan about their vision regarding their sales target for SERU. Lastly, the trainer asked Juragan to write their self-declaration to be a successful person on the white cloth that has been prepared, the white cloth then is signed and documented as evidence of self-commitment of each Juragan. This activity is to increasing Juragan awareness regarding the sales targets set by SERU and increases Juragan motivation to achieve that sales targets.

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