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The 6th HERfinance Training at PT Presindo Central

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

On December 17, 2019, MICRA held the 6th HERfinance training at PT Presindo Central. The training was started at 1 pm and finished at 4 pm (WIB). The training was attended by 26 Peer Educators (PEs), who are PT Presindo Central workers that participate in training, with Mr. Alfi Syahrin as the trainer and Khairunnisa Savira Ayumi as co-facilitator in this session.

The sixth training was talked about "Financial Products and Services Around Us". The objective of the training was to understand various kinds of financial products and services that are available nowadays. In the beginning, the trainer explained about current financial service products that can be used via cell phone or internet, called electronic money, namely: GO-PAY, OVO, M-Banking, etc. Furthermore, the trainer also explained insurance as a financial product that is very important. The method used in the training is participatory methods; lectures, discussions and individual practice.

The PEs were enthusiastic to share their stories about financial products and services. Most of them also mentioned that digital financial service is one of their options for carrying out transactions, because of that, it was easy for them to understand the training material. Furthermore, in the question and answer session, most of the PEs asked questions related to the negative impact of using digital financial services, how to distinguish whether the insurance company is good or not, as well as premiums and insurance coverage.


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