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Training on Monitoring and Mentoring Process

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

On 14 and 20 February 2020, MICRA was appointed to give training for the staff of the General Directorate of Treasury of the Ministry of Finance. The training was about conducting monitoring and mentoring to the Ultra-Micro financing program (UMi) from the Ministry of Finance. They asked MICRA to explain how to conduct monitoring and mentoring preparation for the debtor of the UMi.

UMi is an advanced stage program of the social assistance program to become business independence that targets micro businesses at the lowest level, which cannot yet be facilitated by banks through the People's Business Credit (KUR) program. UMi provides a maximum financing facility of IDR 10 million per customer and is channeled by Non-Bank Financial Institutions.

The training was conducted by M Alfi Syahrin as a trainer and Anis Nur Aini as co-trainer with 215 participants divided into two batches training. The participants come from the representative of the General Directorate of Treasury in each province all over Indonesia. The first training was conducted in Alana Hotel Sentul and the second training was in Aston Hotel Bogor and both these two trainings were started at 1.30 PM.

The objective of the training was to increase the understanding of the participant related to how to run surveys as part of the monitoring and mentoring process. These participants will be a surveyor that conducts a baseline and end-line survey for UMi program. The main topic that discussed in the training were the preparation for the pre-survey, D-day survey and, post-survey. The methods used in this training were lecture method, discussion and role-play. The participants asked to join the role-play activity where they could get a small description of how the survey will be going in the field. They also shared how some tips and tricks in conducting the survey. The training lasts for two hours for each batch and finished at 3.30 PM.


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